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Embracing Psychedelic Healing: Beyond the Bounds of Traditional Therapy


The emergence of psychedelic therapy has brought renewed attention to the potential of psychedelics in mental health treatment. However, at Tripz Oregon, we advocate for a broader, more inclusive approach known as psychedelic healing. This philosophy extends beyond the limitations and commercial interests that often accompany pharmaceutical-driven models of psychedelic therapy.

The Limitations of Psychedelic Therapy:

Psychedelic therapy, as currently modeled, leans towards the interests of big pharmaceutical companies, focusing on isolated compounds that can be patented and controlled. This model not only limits access due to proprietary restrictions but also overlooks the holistic benefits of natural substances like cannabis and mushrooms, which defy easy patenting and trademarking due to their natural origins.

Psychedelic Healing in Oregon:

Oregon's approach to psychedelics is pioneering, establishing a market that emphasizes healing and well-being over recreational use. It's a system designed with safety and accessibility in mind, offering regulated and tested products in a controlled setting. This ensures that individuals seeking the profound benefits of psychedelics can do so without the constraints of needing a prescription or having a diagnosed condition.

Why We Believe in Psychedelic Healing:

Psychedelic healing acknowledges the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics but in a way that's accessible to everyone, not just those with medical prescriptions. It's about providing safe, regulated environments where anyone — healthy or seeking healing — can explore their place in the world through guided psychedelic experiences. This model champions personal growth, emotional well-being, and a deeper connection to the universal fabric that binds us all.

At Tripz Oregon, we stand for a future where psychedelic experiences are recognized not only for their therapeutic benefits but as vital tools for personal exploration and understanding. We believe in dismantling barriers to access, fostering a community that welcomes all individuals to discover their potential through psychedelic healing. Join us in embracing a vision of wellness that transcends traditional therapy, welcoming a new era of mental and spiritual health.

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