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The Fungus Among Us

"The Fungus Among Us, Vol 2" is an article by David Pogge at Headquest Magazine that explores the rising popularity of psychedelics, particularly mushrooms, and their impact on the retail industry. The article discusses the benefits and challenges of entheogens and the movement they’ve inspired. The author express caution about how these sacred compounds such as psilocybin and ayahuasca should be approached and handled in a mass market, and how they can be used for personal development and a better connection to nature. Willy T, a longtime cannabis activist and a founding partner in Tripz, a well-funded Oregon-based company in the psilocybin market, is interviewed and provides insights on the current state of the industry, how the legalization initiatives in Oregon and Colorado are cautious but promising, and how his company plans to offer legal mushrooms products for distribution across the United States.

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