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Start your journey with Tripz Oregon by completing our booking form. Get a free consultation and move toward a tailored healing experience. Our empathetic team will guide you, alone or with friends. Use the form to book sessions and begin your transformative adventure. Book now

  • Free Consultation: Enjoy a 20-minute conversation with a Team member to explore your options and ask questions.

  • Paperwork Preparation Session: Booked after your initial consultation to ensure all necessary documentation is completed, and to prepare you for the journey. Cost: $100.

  • Room Booking: Schedule your psilocybin session following a paperwork preparation session.

  • Room Booking Deposit: Secure your session with a 20% down payment.

  • Integration Session: A follow-up meeting post-session to discuss your experiences and insights.

  • Microdose Sessions for Members: Schedule a drop-in microdose session when available. Designated times are also set for added convenience.

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